Modular transport box dedicated for collaborative robots

Our box is ideal for storing cobots and transporting them cobots between shows or their final destinations. It is compact, lightweight and durable, and thanks to modularity, it is able to accommodate not only the manipulator, but also your entire “Cobot world”.
Resistant to the elements and safe for your Cobot.

The TBox consists of three components:

  • A running base with wheels and a stabilizing leg mounting base.
  • A bottom box for the control unit
  • A top box for the cobot arm and storage of the stabilizer legs
  • T-Box is dedicated for cobots: Universal Robots, Doosan, Mitsubishi, Omron/Techman


programowanie stanowisk z robotami

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Customized transport boxes for Universal Robots Cobots

Transport boxes are produced in different variants for all models of Cobots Universal Robots. We can prepare such a crate also for your special order. To make transporting the set easier, you can disassemble it into two independent boxes and transport one next to the other and to start working with the cobot just remove the top cover.

This one, in turn, can be used as a table for presentations using the robot.

The last step is to attach stabilizing legs, allowing to safely to safely carry out the intended tasks.

integrator robotów universal robots