RESPIRO – Electric Vacuum Generator

RESPIRO was developed to support collaborative robots in logistics and packaging applications. An important feature of the product is its independence from external compressed air supply. With two separate air circuits, it is very easy to set up a handling application.

We use an integrated mounting system to mount RESPIRO on the robot, which in addition, you can easily and very quickly change the tool manually.


We offer a solution that is a mounting element for suction cups. CarboGrip is made of carbon fiber. Allows the use of 1 to 8 suction cups and their arrangement in relation to each other according to your needs.

Technical data

Weight 1.14 kg
Maximum load capacity up to 20 kg
Maximum vacuum - 630 mbar
Air flow 3l/min
Dimensions 160x125x73mm
Dimensions including robot mounting kit 160x125x106mm
Power supply 24 VDC

To download

See what RESPIRO can do in operation

RESPIRO can be used wherever you need to automate your packaging and logistics processes and logistics.

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