Meeting of the Industrial Power Team within the Queen BNI Podbeskidzie group

The meeting in Czechowice Silesia StartUP in Stara Kablownia shopping center was attended by companies serving industry associated in BNI organization.

The meeting was aimed at sharing knowledge about the opportunities and competences of members in the context of Industry 4.0.


Drim Robotics:

  • Presentation of a palletizing solution using Universal Robots collaborative robot and Respiro electric vacuum generator.
  • An industrial robot in a home environment, or how to tame a machine.

Soniq Soft:

  • What is digital transformation in 3 soldier words and why you should already start thinking about it.
  • Presentation of the system supporting the cyber security OT – ASCOMP
  • RFID systems in industry – solution presentation – AUTOID

Inner Web:

  • Presentation of a camera in LIDAR technology, in a personal phone – application in Industry and beyond.
  • Demonstration:

o geolocation of employees,

o Geolocation of tools and peripherals in the industrial space (inside buildings)

o Making the prepared Application available for testing

(notification of failures, threats, viewing documents, e-work permits, permissions, tasks)

Attendees of the meeting are thanked for attending.

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