Who we are?

Drim Robotics was established in 2013, as a combination of individual experiences of the partners who founded it. These experiences are based on over 15 years of professional practice in various work environments. We have been passionate about robotization for many years. With the completion of many projects, a well-coordinated group of practitioners with interdisciplinary competences has emerged. 

Passion and Dedication are the heart and driving forces of our company, which can guarantee its clients the services of highly qualified personnel. The work connected with robot programming ranges from element manipulation to MIG/TIG welding, plasma cutting, vspot welding. Optimization of the work of automated production systems, the highest degree of flexibility and the ability to adjust to clients’ different production systems are the strengthens of Drim Robotics.  

To innovate and simplify all aspects of industrial automation and Information Technology. Our goals are to improve work performance through innovation and organizational management, and allowing for a more dynamic work experience with the new technologies. We are European leaders, producing safety covers for teach pendants of all popular robots’ models. Since 2017, we began our new production of Protective Covers for Teach Pendantsshock absorbing, with a chemical resistant frame designed to protect Teach Pendants from any damage should any accidents occurthusallowing you peace of mind to avoid risks of production loss and waste. Each type of Protection Cover also comes with a Screen Protector for your monitor to prevent Glue, Dust, Oilsor similar irritants to the Screen Monitor which comparable to those of a mobile phone. 

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What makes us stand out?

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Our Mission in Drim Robotics

We are a subcontracting company, designing and implementing robotic control systems for industrial machines, production lines, process environments and other automated devices. 

The purpose of our work is to integrate robots with automation systems. We offer Turn-Key solutions with Industrial Robots and Collaborative Robotics. Our Team with help of the specialist knowledge of its experts, determines individual requirements, and then assesses the possibility of integrating robots with production processes, optimizing the working times of automatic operations, and achieving the set assumptions regarding the quality of the product.  

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