Drim Robotics company supports Marelli branch in Bielsko Biala in terms of robot programming services and provides its products such as protective covers with screens for Comau and Fanuc programming terminals. On special order, protective glass panels for operator panels were made.

Programming robots covered topics such as welding, handling, palletizing and welding with an innovative CMT method using Fronius welding machines.

Marek Rucki, maintenance manager, says:  Our plant, deals with the production of parts for suspension systems of cars and vans. One of the many components we produce is the so-called Front Cross Member, i.e. a front suspension beam popularly known as a “suspension sled” – it is a part that joins elements of the front suspension and supports the engine in such models of the Stallantis group as Fiat 500, Lancia Y. In the process of robotic welding using the CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) method we weld together more than 50 components in 10 different operations to produce the final detail. The CMT welding process has improved corrosion resistance of the welds and, with minimal spatter, eliminates the need for costly remediation. The low welding temperature makes it possible to use the Gap Bridging function, i.e. the flooding of gaps, which results in excellent weld quality. The advantages of the CMT method are indisputable, but they require expertise and experience from the robot programmer. It should be noted that in this particular application, galvanized and non-galvanized parts are joined, which raises the bar in the process of programming welding robots. Thanks to the cooperation with Drim Robotics we can confidently plan further launches.

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