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This is our original project, its implementation was attended by top-notch designers.

TP5 becomes resistant to shocks

Drim Robotics Sp. Z o.o. is specialized in programming of industrial robots.As a result, we are aware of how important it is to keep TP5 in exemplary condition. Through our cover your TP5 becomes resistant to shocks.

Innovation design

Our designers provided an ergonomic shape for the cover and has studied in detail the management of TP5 in manual mode. As shown in the picture all safety strips are in the right place with their complete functions.

Red button

Red button on top of TP5 is used in emergency cases. our covering give the strenght and the comfort of use without decrease the attenction to the safety of workers and of machines leaving enought room to push the button.

TP5 is the control key

On top of the TP5 is the control key to switch from different mode operations. As done for the emergency button designers have given way for users to easily turn the key in the desired position.

Rear side

Rear side of TP5 is used by the operators to activate the robot's motors by gently pushing the deadman-button. For this reason the area has been studied to find a comfortable condition for use with both hands.

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